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Adverbs Exercises

01. Numa das sentenças abaixo o advérbio não está corretamente inserido:

a) He hasn’t met me yet.

b) I was rather cold yesterday.

c) Gary always is dreaming of you

d) We hardly work on Sundays.

e) They’ll travel by car.

02. This is a ________ good course for you to take.

a) enough

b) only

c) nearly

d) much

e) very

03. I noticed the student speak English _______________.

a) very fluent

b) fluent

c) more fluent

d) fluently

e) fluency

04. They ran very _______ in the race but at the end they could ______ breathe.

a) fast, harder

b) fast, hardly

c) fast, hard

d) faster, hardly

e) fastly, hard

05. Complete o diálogo, usando os advérbios corretos:

– Hasn’t anyone caught the thief ____________?

– No, he hasn’t been caught ______. He will be caught ______.

a) already; still; just now

b) yet; yet; soon

c) now; already; tomorrow

d) still; yet; immediately

e) yet; already; at the moment

06. You are a gentleman, and as ______ you must be polite to women.

a) yet

b) thus

c) so

d) sure

e) such

07. Todas as alternativas abaixo trazem advérbios de freqüência, exceto:

a) seldom

b) well

c) never

d) often

e) regularly

08. They state they’ve been there____________.

a) once

b) for the fun of it

c) on Sunday

d) In March

e) Todas são corretas

09. They haven’t _____ thought of it________.

a) whether /yet

b) even / yet

c) then / also

d) ever / always

e) even / only

10. The test was _______ no one passed.

a) very hard that

b) too hard for that

c) too hard, so

d) so hard so that

e) even / only

Gabarito: 1 – C 2 – E 3 – D 4 – B 5 – B 6 – E 7 – B 8 – E 9 – B 10 – C

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